12 Dec

A Time for Giving – Holiday for Kids’ Sake, Big Brother and Big Sisters

Each year during the holiday season, my family and I enjoy volunteering our time to support a charity. It’s not about writing a check (if people still use checks) but to actually volunteer our time. It is important to my wife and I that our kids experience volunteer work. We want our kids to participate in the gift of giving. This type of activity brings our family closer and creates my favorite thing in the world...positive memories.

This year my family and I have volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island (BBBS) to deliver gifts to families in need. The program is called Holiday for Kids’ Sake.

First, we arrived at BBBS donation center on a Sunday to pick up these big red sacks filled with gifts for each family. Then we drove to homes of families that are part of the BBBS program. My kids carried these bags to the apartment or home, put the Santa-looking gift sack in front of their doors then knocked. We waited for a parent and their child to come out so we can say, “Happy Holidays from Big Brother and Big Sisters!”. The thank you we received was incredibly touching. My kids were stunned with the reaction. While we were walking back to the car, my youngest who is eight (8) said “Dad I can’t believe how many times they said thank you and how emotional they were”.

At that moment all I could do was smile and think to myself, we made families happy which made a positive impact on my kids. My wife and I are big believers in taking care of your community and volunteering our time for families in need. The activity made us all feel great.

For several years, I have been fortunate enough to volunteer at BBBS on their Presidents Council. Their mission is inspiring and their employees are inspirational. The adults that donate their time to these kids are incredible. It is the time of the year for giving…let’s all give our time to people we don’t know as it makes a big impact.


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