05 May 2018

Leveraging Microsoft SharePoint for your Business

Microsoft SharePoint has been available for a while now and is becoming one of the top business collaboration platforms today. SharePoint empowers businesses big and small to:

  • Share and manage files, data, news and resources
  • Distribute knowledge and find information quickly
  • Access business process applications
  • Collaborate effortlessly and enhance teamwork
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05 May 2018

Real-time AI: Microsoft announces preview of Project Brainwave

Used with Permission from Microsoft AI Blog: An Article By, Allison Linn

Every day, thousands of gadgets and widgets whish down assembly lines run by the manufacturing solutions provider Jabil, on their way into the hands of customers.

Along the way, an automated optical inspection system scans them for any signs of defects, with a bias toward ensuring that all potential anomalies are detected....

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