10 Oct

Ask Amazon Alexa to find an Urgent Care Center or Emergency Room…Ask Northwell Health.

An Article By, Evan Leonard, President

With all the advancements in technology, one thing people still hate is the unknown of wasting time. How long is it going to take to get food, wait in line at DMV or an urgent care center? We are all demanding to be more efficient with our time. The technology is out there but it is our job to embrace it and make it work for us

Northwell Health is trying to service their customers better using Amazon Alexa. They realize and embrace the digital transformation wave that is happening right before or eyes. If you need to visit an Urgent Care Center or an Emergency Room, in many ways you feel as if you are in the Stone Age. Will you be waiting for an hour? Three hours? More? It can be frustrating especially when you’re in need of something as critical as medical services - when it might not be convenient or even safe for that matter to wait for an extended time.

Northwell has written a “skill” for Alexa so you can ask for a facility’s wait time or address. You can refine the search to a zip code or region. This will provide you with the shortest wait time for all their locations. Northwell updates their wait times every 15 minutes and now make it readily available just by asking your Alexa smart device, the same way you’d ask a friend or family member.

Amazon’s Alexa (I own two) allows developers to create, certify, publish and update skills, which are made available through the Alexa Skills Store. An organization can build an Alexa skill to connect to end users via the conversational Amazon Echo platform. This open platform makes Alexa extremely powerful and convenient

Alexa and other smart devices are in the market place and can help companies expand their services and truly connect to customers, especially in this on demand and immediate gratification world. It has become vital to understand how to innovate in order to compete and stay ahead of the competition. Just wait until cognitive computing and AI become more mainstream. To see more of Alexa’s skills, click on the link below.


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