02 Feb

Building Your Leadership Team

An Article By, Evan Leonard, President

I am a big believer in technology and these days even more so to innovate.  Everywhere we read how to automate responsibilities, customer service and manual labor.  Every tech company wants to create an application to disrupt an industry or tasks thinking that is the holy grail to reduce people.  Many studies show the work force is not going to shrink but jobs will be shifting.

Truth is...it is still about people. I make this statement as my business partner and I created a software platform based on Artificial Intelligence.  Our platform is to introduce AI on the help desk to better correlate information to provide better outcomes to technical problems.  The power behind many of these technology solutions is combining the human cognitive with machine learning.  But a company runs best when its leadership team is running most optimally.  Every few years, we work with a consultant to improve a process, our people or executive coaching.  These engagements have not always been a big success.

One of the most difficult aspects of a business is building a cohesive leadership team that can work together.  I have been in search for years to better our executive team.  This is why we have invested in a process called Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).  This system is how to build traction within your own company and to optimize communication amongst your leadership team.  First, I read a few books concerning the EOS methods and nothing seemed earth shattering and almost obvious.  After giving the book much thought, it felt as if we have implemented meetings and communication but were we really?  I highlighted several paragraphs and sentences waited a few days and reread my highlights.  I became intrigued, so I contacted an EOS implementer.  After my initial call, I knew CHIPS would benefit from this system and is exactly what we need to reach our vision and goals.  Sometimes we think everyone in the company knows the vision and goals but after 25 years and reinventing yourself five times, I would not be so sure.

EOS helps you implement and give the company's vision transparency.  All of your employees will understand what they are trying to achieve as a company and deliver to your clients.  It overhauls your weekly leadership meetings called The Level 10 and flows flawlessly to your Quarterly offsite meetings.  All your meetings are set up and outlined for the year.  There are a few different ways to track the tasks, responsibilities and communication.   It has been a great learning process and our implementer has been beyond my expectations.  In a short amount of time I have been inspired, learned and having fun.  The CHIPS leadership team has gelled quickly but understands the level of improvement we can achieve.

Again, it is about the people that makes your company great and EOS is a formula to get the most out of your team and employees.  Reach your goals and vision where everyone is working to make that happen.  Your clients will thank you for it.

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