03 Mar

Microsoft and Citrix share capacity limits amid COVID-19

Due to the higher than usual services demand caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Citrix and Microsoft have announced recommendations to help minimize potential user impact.

Citrix noted customers with cloud-hosted virtual machine (VM) workloads and the rapid increase in public cloud utilization, have caused customers to potentially experience issues with cloud hosted apps and desktop workloads. Microsoft also stated a 775% increase in demand for its cloud services in regions enforcing social distancing and shelter-in place orders including the new Windows Virtual Desktop usage growing by more than 3 times and a 42% increase in Power BI being utilized by the government to chare COVID-19 dashboards.


To minimize user disruptions and impact:

  1. Citrix customers should consider disabling auto scale and power management settings that power off and deallocate VMs during low-usage periods to preserve your existing provisioned capacity.
  2. Microsoft is implementing temporary restrictions to balance experience for all customers by placing limits on free offers to prioritize capacity for existing customers and limiting certain resources on new subscriptions.


At CHIPS, we are closely monitoring Citrix and Microsoft for any updates and will update you accordingly.

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