11 Nov

Google Chrome Vulnerabilities Exposed

Recently we have seen a massive platform used by pretty much everyone nowadays hit with a security breach. Google confirmed that the channel desktop Chrome browser has and is being updated to a new version across Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms due to two security breaches. The urgent update began October 31st and has continued for weeks.

The first attack appeared on October 29th and was exploited by two Kaspersky researchers. The vulnerability was stated to have the potential for hackers to exploit and take control of an affected system. Both vulnerabilities on October 29th and October 31st are seen to expose memory corruption to escalate privileges on the attacked system. It is also stated that there is an impact on generating and viewing PDF files and the Chrome web browser audio component.

With google quickly addressing the security vulnerability and urging users to install the new version update 78.0.3904.87, it is possible that the average user may not have experienced too much critical risk. Shortly after, Google also announced that within weeks of the breaches, the Chrome browser update install would soon become automatic overnight.

Unfortunately, many companies hit with cyber security breaches may not discover them initially, but sometimes weeks or months later. At CHIPS, we always continue monitoring all systems in place and have dedicated support members who are solely responsible for being up to date while regularly monitoring all security news once released. We stress the importance of having backup and recovery plans clearly defined in the event you’re hit with a security breach as this will be critical for your business continuity and operations. If you have concerns about the security of your Google Chrome browser or are unsure if the version update has been installed, feel free to contact us today.

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