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HIA-LI's Brief with Evan Leonard, CEO, CHIPS Technology Group Inc. 

Tell us about how you/your company started.

Evan Leonard and lifelong friend David Tan started an IT firm out of Hofstra University’s J.C. Adams Playhouse. CHIPS got its start by implementing and supporting Hofstra’s first computerized ticketing system. In 1993, when the business partners founded CHIPS Technology Group, the idea was to help businesses implement a network for file sharing with permissions for end users. From there, CHIPS added email solutions and connecting networks to the internet. Quickly after, CHIPS created their first Managed Services practice to help maintain company’s networks. Over the past 20 years, CHIPS has continued to remain focused on business process and customer service while innovating and securing their client’s data.

What was a turning point for you/your company?

In 2004 CHIPS pioneered their first managed service plans to support their clients more efficiently and in return companies could better budget for IT. It gave birth to our help desk where clients could submit service tickets which gave us the ability to work on issues remotely. Managed services transformed our business from project based to recurring revenue. This strengthened our company to give us the ability to grow clients and offerings.

What is your philosophy at CHIPS?

At CHIPS Technology Group, our desire is to work with companies that want to transform and compete as a technology company in their industry. Our philosophy is to find these companies because they are our most successful engagements and the happiest clients. CHIPS believes in supporting companies with industry best practices. We want our clients to feel comfortable that the technology they are utilizing works to its full potential.

Tell us about your company’s profile today.

Today, CHIPS Technology Inc. services the Long Island and Metro New York areas with 50 team members who provide our clients with customized IT solutions, business clarity, and innovative technology insight. CHIPS is your trusted advisor that works seamlessly with you to leverage technology to drive your business’ success. From the health-care industry to the Not-for-Profit sector, CHIPS helps clients across all industries transform their business to become a better competitor in today’s market.

What opportunities do you see in the future?

The future of the industry is to ensure data is secure and available, from any location and on any device. Businesses have so much data that our clients need help correlating their information better in order to make better decisions. Management of systems, applications and security needs to be seamless. IT help desks must meet the desire for instant gratification and intimacy by our clients.


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