02 Feb

How To Show Your Computer Some Love

Task Manager is your friend


Why is my computer so slow?!  Does this sound like you? Remember dial up internet?

There’s only so much processing power, memory, and storage space available on your PC, and the key to speeding up your computer is to optimize all three.

The first thing we would suggest to do, is shut down your PC and start it up again. Sounds "old school", but it could be a quick solution. If that doesn't work, you may need a more active response. 

Here are some quick tips & tricks on how to show your computer some love ❤️

Reacquaint Yourself With Task Manager

Easiest way to open Task Manager is to right click on your task bar and click on "Task Manager". It should look like this:


task manager

The list is broken down into Apps and Background Processes. If you sit and look at it for a few minutes, you will see that it is refreshed constantly. Watch for apps that quickly appear at the top of the list, then disappear a few seconds later. Look for processes that stay at the top of the list with high memory or CPU use. 

To close an app or process that you feel may be partly responsible for slow performance, click on it and then End Task. More often than not, there will be some of there that you did not even know were running.

Schedule Your Antivirus Scan

On the Task Manager, you may see your antivirus software is top of the list. That is because you are letting it run whenever it wants. We suggest scheduling antivirus software to run overnight when you're not actively using your computer.

That brings up another important point not to ignore, your computer could be slow due a virus. Don't forget to run that scan as often as you can!

Disable Your Start Up Apps

You may notice that your computer is taking forever to start up. If you open the Task Manager again and click on "Start Up", you will see a list of applications. Go through the list and remove anything that you don't need to have loaded and ready the moment your PC turns on by clicking the app name followed by Disable.

Too 👏 Many👏Tabs

I am guilty of this. Every multitasker is. But take note of how many tabs you have open on your browser. Your computer may be thinking way too hard to keep those open.

You can view a breakdown of extensions and tabs in Task Manager by clicking on the arrow next to your browser's name. Alternatively, if you use Chrome, it has a built-in task manager of its own. Launch it by pressing Shift+Esc while using Chrome, or click on the menu button > More Tools > Task manager. 


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