01 Jan

Massive Data Breach: 850 locations hit at popular convenience store chain

On December 13th Wawa, a popular convenience store chain that runs along the east coast from Pennsylvania to Florida, announced a large-scale data breach that compromised payment information customers had made at more than 850 stores from March 2019 until now.

Wawa’s Chief Executive, Chris Gheysens said that the company discovered malware on its payment processing servers capable of exposing card numbers, expiration dates and cardholder names at potentially all Wawa in store payments and fuel dispensers. Debit card PINS, credit card security codes, drivers licenses and transactions at the cash machines were noted as not affected during the breach.

Wawa has announced that they are offering free card monitoring and identity theft prevention services to anyone whose information might have been collected during this time. Additionally, Wawa states that the police are investigating the breach and a forensics firm has been hired to conduct an internal investigation as well.

At this time, we recommend anyone who thinks they may have been affected by the Wawa data breach to enroll in the free card monitoring and identity theft protection offered by wawa. We also recommend reviewing and reporting any suspicious behavior on card statements that may show fraudulent charges. Lastly, an alternative one can take is to consider freezing their credit cards to guard against hackers who may have gained access to card information through the data breach. At CHIPS, we always encourage you to be cautious with who and how you share your card information. If you have any further questions about the Wawa data breach or protecting your data, we encourage you to reach out directly to us at 516-377-6585.

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