07 Jul

Meet George Jetson!!!...The Future of Transportation

An Article By, Evan Leonard, President

The Jetsons originated in 1962 and was to take place in 2062, 100 years into the future.

I am fortunate to be a member of a group called YPO. YPO is an international organization of Presidents that concentrate on bettering their professional life, family and self. As part of our education series, I sat in on a three-hour presentation with question and answers concerning the future of transportation. We had a renowned speaker a subject matter expert in transportation and digital transformation. He talked about the disruption to the industry and how could affect our lives. I would mention the speakers name but that falls under YPO confidentiality, you will have to take me at my word. The purpose of my article is to educate the reader around this topic but more importantly to be thought provoking so you can correlate it to your industry. The question you need to ask, how you are preparing for the digital transformation. Is your industry ripe for disruption and are you prepared? Read the next few paragraphs, as I believe you will be amazed how the disruption effects more than transportation. For this article, I am pointing out the changes to vehicles on the road. Although companies are already working on “flying cars.”

Today we already see hybrid and electric vehicles on the road, the beginning of self-driving cars, park assist vehicles, internet enabled cars and the roadmap looks even more exciting. Electric trucks are on the horizon but the coolest part of the innovation, the leading truck cab in a convoy can be the master and can have other trailers in the convoy be driverless slave vehicles. Think about that, you can have one driver hauling a trailer with multiple driverless trailers following along. That alone can cause the reduction of truck drivers.


Now let us think about the driverless car, how it will affect the auto and other industries. What if I told you there are 128 things that will disappear in the driverless car era, can you think of any? Driving will be on demand which means no one is going to own a car. You will order a car on demand from your smart phone instead of owning multiple vehicles. No taxi or car service drivers, no parking garages or lots needed just to mention a few. Every major car company plus Google, Apple and more are developing the driverless cars and trucks so this is not a pipe dream but will become reality within the next 15 years. When I say 15 years I mean no more human drivers behind the wheel. Here is a partial list of the jobs disappearing due to the transportation disruption.

Disappearing Jobs

Taxi drivers Valet jobs
Delivery jobs Chauffeurs and limo drivers
Courier jobs Rental cars
Bus drivers Traffic reporters
Uber & Lyft drivers Truck drivers
Auto Insurance Agents Auto Sales
DMV Gas Stations
Repair Shops Parking lots
Tow Trucks Auto Stores
Traffic Courts Sales Tax from Auto Sales


With change comes opportunities and that holds true here. There will be future industries building around us. Most of these industries will be technology driven but there is always opportunity. Different types of product manufacturers, food delivery, and more. Think about the world around you, how will this affect you, your business and family. The digital age is upon us and will be adapted quicker than anything we have seen before. It is not too late to think about the digital impact within your industry. CHIPS is joining the digital age by building cognitive computing solutions. We are already on a journey to digital transformation, come join us. The opportunity won’t be there forever!


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