07 Jul

Microsoft Inspire 2019 Recap

In the IT industry, conferences like Microsoft’s Inspire (formerly known as their Worldwide Partner Conference) is something we keep a very close eye on each year. The annual conference took place in Las Vegas from July 12-19th. With about 20,000 attendees from all over the world, partners like us who are heavily invested in Microsoft flocked to the desert to get the inside story on news, announcements, roadmaps and plans directly from Microsoft. Each year, we like to come back, take what we learned and share it with our customers as we work together to plan the road ahead for business and technology.

Top 5 takeaways from Microsoft Inspire 2019:

1. Microsoft Teams

It was announced that the Microsoft Teams Collaboration has reached more than 13 million active daily users (which surpassed Slack sometime in June). Microsoft continued to express the importance of utilizing the Teams tool which combines video conferencing, chat, voice over IP calling, file access and more. There is no question that Microsoft considers Teams the platform of the future for all forms of communications. If you haven’t investigated and evaluated it yet, you really need to start thinking about it.

2. Windows Server to Azure

Windows Server 2008 reaches its end of support with a hard deadline of January, 2020. One of the paths forward for customers still relying on Server 2008 is a migration to the Azure cloud. To enable this, Microsoft is releasing a suite of migration tools and technologies that make this process much more manageable than previously.

3. Azure AI

Another huge area of focus for Microsoft going forward is AI. Azure AI is essentially a platforms partners and customers can use to build and grow solutions based on their AI and Machine Learning technologies. Platforms like this will make the technology much more widely available and will kick growth and innovation into hyper-drive.

4. Dynamics 365

Dynamics is the collective name for Microsoft’s family of business productivity solutions (ERP, CRM, etc). In keeping with point 3 above, Microsoft has launched a suite of AI modules and functionalities that really take these products to the next level. Capabilities such as predicting sales pipeline and improving sales efficiency are powered by these new next generation functions. Leveraging the cloud and interoperability of these platforms with other Microsoft applications offers and excellent opportunity to grow your business.

5. SQL Database Hyperscale Demo

Microsoft is really touting SQL as a platform for Big Data. This was heavily promoted during the conference, and included a demo showcasing a massive amount of data involved feeding simulated data from a million vehicles into the relational database in the cloud to return operational insights across the entire fleet in real time. Talk about impressive.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, CHIPS holds the expertise and knowledge of strategizing, implementing and executing any existing or new tools and technologies into your organization. We recommend always keeping up with industry insights and news such as the announcements made during Microsoft’s Inspire conference to ensure your organization is ahead of the ever-changing technology and business worlds. If you would like to learn more about any of the mentioned announcements, feel free to contact us directly by calling 526-377-6585.

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