10 Oct

Online games targeted; Words with Friends

With phishing emails being a common cyber security threat and attackers constantly looking for new ways to make threats for personal gain, the most recent cyber attack went after those interested in gaming on mobile apps. Zynga Inc., an online interactive gaming company announced that player information has unfortunately been compromised. Let’s take a deeper look at the online gaming attack.

In early September, a hacker that goes by the name Gnosticplayers admitted to stealing data from 218 million Words with Friends player accounts. Both Words with Friends and Draw Something on iOS and Android platforms may have been affected by the breach for players who signed up with Words with Friends before September 3rd, 2019. Player data that has potentially been compromised includes:

  • Names
  • Email Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Password reset tokens (if requested)
  • Login ID’s
  • Facebook ID’s (If connected to the social media platform)
  • Zynga Account ID’s

Zynga has announced the data breach did occur and is working with authorities on the open investigation around the hack. Zynga also noted that it has taken steps to protect accounts from invalid logins and some users were required to change their passwords.

With Mobile apps becoming more of a frequent target for hackers, it is important to be aware that even downloading, creating user profiles and playing these games can put yourself at risk. If you don’t have much knowledge or experience with hackers, learn from the experts, have discussions around your concerns and implement their suggestions and tips. If you have concerns about the security of your mobile device through apps, feel free to contact us today.

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