12 Dec

Phishing scams surge during the Holidays

With the Holidays here, cyber criminals are seen to be increasingly more active as users are receiving more emails than usual. Retail shopping deals, shipment notifications, savings and deals are flooding your inbox left and right, and in those emails are often attempts from cyber criminals to hack and access your sensitive information.

Cyber criminals have enhanced their methods especially during the holiday season to target small businesses through websites, social media platforms, data breaches from larger companies and more. What we’re seeing are cyber criminals creating emails that look legitimate, but are in fact more dangerous. These emails can give the hacker the ability to overtake ones computer to obtain sensitive account, financial and other important information once a user clicks on a link or responds to the email. Now let’s not forget about robocalling, in 2019 alone, it was reported that there has been 26 Billion robocalls made. An email or phone call may seem professional but in reality hackers have mastered the art of crafting the messages to look/sound realistic.

A common scam during the holiday time looks like an email sent from upper management or ones boss, telling them they need holiday gift cards purchased. The employee unfortunately proceeds with this scam since the emails looks like it’s a request from their boss and they simply are following a task. In events like this, we encourage everyone to be extra sensitive to emails and phone calls they are receiving during the holiday time. We recommend checking the sender of the email, if there are lengthy number and symbols in the address, that generally is a fake account. Also, be extra cautious of clicking any provided links as these links can give access to the hacker to take over your computer. Lastly, we encourage everyone to be sensitive to answering unknown calls. Don’t provide any information if you are unsure who and where this phone call is coming from.

If you have concerns about an email or phone messaged received, feel free to reach out to us by calling, 516-377-6585. From CHIPS Technology Group, have a safe and happy holiday!

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