10 Oct

Security Warnings and Vulnerabilities

An Article by, CHIPS Technology Group

Throughout the year, there has been an alarming amount of security vulnerabilities in the most common of applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and more. Just last week we reviewed Microsoft’s patch released to combat a cyber attack by a group that unleashed a virus that would infect the host and ultimately install malicious programs, view or change data and potentially run damaging code on the host. Security vulnerabilities like these force businesses to not only stay alert and up to date with the newest of cyber attacks, but to also take a step back and evaluate their own security measures. Every day, small businesses are regularly


Let’s take a look a deeper look at the Microsoft cyber-attack, when an attacker has access to a simple guest account they can elevate the privileges and install new programs that can comprise the system, capture and delete data, or create numerous accounts with full user rights. Just from these actions, you can see the impact this will have on a small business. The attacker instantly has the upper hand from logging into your system and running code on the host. But how does the attacker gain access? Attackers search for vulnerabilities such as weak passwords/password policies, unpatched or old servers/network equipment or use automated scripts and tools to exploit these vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Next to this are phishing attacks. Phishing refers to tricking a user in your company into clicking on a malicious link in an email that either installs some sort of malware on their computer (and thus your network) or tricks them into entering sensitive credentials onto a fake website.


At this point you’re probably asking yourself, “what can I do to protect my organization from cyber attacks?” to start, it is recommended that you utilize two factor authentication to prevent unauthorized logons, follow strong password guidelines and regularly change passwords. We also encourage you to implement a training and testing process immediately, followed by educating all employees on phishing attacks and what to look for when opening a suspicious email, document, etc. It is important to keep in mind that even a small cyber attack can put a small business out of business overnight and it is essential to implement these recommendations with your employees and team members.


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