07 Jul 2019

Microsoft Inspire 2019 Recap

In the IT industry, conferences like Microsoft’s Inspire (formerly known as their Worldwide Partner Conference) is something we keep a very close eye on each year. The annual conference took place in Las Vegas from July 12-19th. With about 20,000 attendees from all over the world, partners like us who are heavily invested in Microsoft flocked to the desert to get the inside story on news,...

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01 Jan 2018

An Introduction to Blockchain & How it Will Impact Your Business

Wednesday, January 17th at 2pm ET | Register Now! 

Blockchain is stirring up the technology and business worlds, and we are finding ourselves asking, what exactly is Blockchain?  How does Blockchain work? And how will Blockchain impact my industry? Appearing more and more often among companies that are looking for innovative ways to optimize and secure internal information, power peer-to-peer...

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