08 Aug 2019
07 Jul 2019

Scam of the Month: The Latest in Phishing Attacks: Office 365 Admins Targeted

Compromising an employee’s email account can be profitable and even a disruption by inserting malware, but being able to gain access to an email domain’s administrator account is the winning lottery ticket for attackers. With that being said, it is essential to be aware of phishing scams that are not necessarily targeting an organization’s users, but more specifically, their administrators.

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10 Oct 2018

Security Warnings and Vulnerabilities

An Article by, CHIPS Technology Group

Throughout the year, there has been an alarming amount of security vulnerabilities in the most common of applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and more. Just last week we reviewed Microsoft’s patch released to combat a cyber attack by a group that unleashed a virus that would infect the host and ultimately install malicious programs, view or...

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09 Sep 2017

Are you a Cyber Attack Target?

An Article By: David Tan, Chief Technology Officer

It seems you can’t go a day without hearing news of some huge cyber-attack on a large company or organization.  Everyone from Target to HBO has been the victim of malicious hackers looking to gain profit from some sort of unauthorized access to company data, assets, or resources.  Those are the stories you hear about – what about the ones you...

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08 Aug 2017

Everything we’ve ever told you about passwords? Yeah, we were wrong!

An Article By: David Tan, Chief Technology Officer

Have you ever done anything that you really regretted?  I’m not talking about a little slip up or a minor faux pas.  I’m talking about the kind of mistake that has a long-ranging impact on a huge population of people.  If you have, then you know what it’s like to be Bill Burr, former midlevel manager at the National Institute of Standards and...

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05 May 2017

Protecting Against Ransomware with Azure Backups

An Article By, Stephanie Memos, Marketing Coordinator

With ransomware attacks steadily rising in 2017, we cannot stress the importance of protection against infrastructure attacks. According to CRN’s most recent Quarterly Ransomware report, infrastructure attacks have increased 3500% in 2016 and that percentage is predicted to increase for the 2017 year. It is essential for organizations to have...

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