05 May

Technology Spring Cleaning List

An Article By, Stephanie Memos, Marketing Coordinator
Now that Spring has finally arrived, many people believe in the habit of cleaning after the long winter. Often, we find that technology can be an area of spring cleaning that is overlooked. Since we rely so heavily on technology these days, it is essential to take some time in organizing and tiding up the devices we use.


One of the most frequently used aspects of our technology lives. From personal email to business email, it can get overwhelming keeping track of your email addresses and all the mail that you’re receiving. Take some time to clean up your email by deleting any emails that you wish to never have access to again, unsubscribing from junk senders, and creating sub-holders to help you better organize the mail that comes in daily.


Often, many people make a habit of creating a cluttered mess of documents and icons on their desktops. As a result of this, documents become loose and never actually have a permanent file location, while majority of the time, most icons will not even be clicked. To work better, it is recommended to create a simple and effective desktop with a few programs and folders you are frequently using. By creating these folders, you can now give those loose documents a permanent home. As for icons, try condensing down to simply icons you frequently use.

Electronic Files & Folders

Organizing electronic files and folders is essential for productivity. Think about it, who has time to be searching for files and folders while trying to accomplish their daily tasks? Begin by removing un-needed documents, condensing, naming and categorizing files and folders in a way that makes the most sense to you or your team.


Bookmarks are an extremely useful tool when looking to save frequently visited sites, but, bookmarks can quickly become beyond cluttered. Review your bookmarks and prioritize what you need and what you no longer need to remove some of the built up bookmarks.

Monitor, Mouse & Keyboard

This seems to be another key factor we use daily, our Mouse, Keyboard and Monitor. When you think about it, how often are you cleaning them? If you’re thinking not too often I would recommend regularly cleaning from this point forward.


In the event that you have any old hardware that you are no longer using that is laying around, it is time to recycle. Prior to recycling hardware, please be sure any information within the hardware has been properly removed. Finding places that accept recycled hardware can be found online within areas of your community.


Keeping cables organized and neat can be a big problem for most people, and the idea of sorting through these cables doe not sound appealing. If you organize early, keeping up with neat wires will become a habit down the line. To start, we recommend using zip ties to condense long wires.

So there you have it, our recommendations to tackling your technology spring cleaning this year. Remember, organized and clean technology only improves efficiency and performance in the work space!

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