11 Nov

Thankful for Technology on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is a holiday for spending time with family and friends, eating a ton of turkey and stuffing, and playing a “friendly” game of football outside. Technology may be the furthest thing from your mind on Thanksgiving, but believe it or not, you are relying on it, especially on this holiday. Before you dig into your thanksgiving meal with friends and family, let’s take a minute to appreciate the technology that helps make this holiday a little bit easier.

Video Calling and Chatting

Friends and Families live thousands of miles apart, so how can we see them to celebrate the holiday time together? Incredible internet technology services are bringing families everywhere together with video calling such as FaceTime and Skype. This technology instantly allows you to join your friends and family with the click of a button. What is better than being able to see friends and family around the world, and feeling like you’re in the same room, when the holidays are here.

Remote Work Capabilities

While many of us have the day off for the Thanksgiving holiday, some important roles still have to be available in the office or workplace. With technology like remote desktop, many employees get to do some or all of their work tasks from their computer or phone essentially anyplace. Working remote is more and more common in the workforce, and is a powerful technology that allows families to come together and enjoy this holiday.


Black Friday has become a part of the Thanksgiving Holiday. We’re actually seeing Black Friday Begin the day of and even the day before Thanksgiving Day! With the ecommerce technology, you don’t have to bother getting up and waiting in those long black Friday lines to save some bucks. Online shopping is your game changer! Not to mention Cyber Monday when all your favorite websites have their blowout sales to kick off the holiday season. I’d sure rather roll out of bed and press a few buttons than go fight an angry crowd for the latest holiday bargain!

There are a ton of other technologies that play important roles in the thanksgiving holiday such as the incrdible camera capabilities on your iphone to take photos of your grandfather passed out on the couch from way too much turkey, or the cranberry sauce your little cousin spilled all over his dress shirt. But one thing is for sure, at CHIPS Technology Group, we’re thankful for technology year round but we know the importance of friends and family. We encourage everyone to take as much of a break from work and technology as possible, and stop and take the day to spend time with friends and family on this thanksgiving holiday.

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