02 Feb

This Week in Tech - February 12


Weekly Wrap Up


Microsoft Sets Deadline For End of Support of IE 11 By 365 Apps

Microsoft has announced a cut-off date after which Office 365 apps and Teams will no longer work with its legacy browsers, Internet Explorer 11 and the old Microsoft Edge. 

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10 Charts That Will Change Your Perspective Of Microsoft Azure’s Growth

Microsoft's early decision to double down on expanding their cloud platform by accelerating new product and services development and Azure region expansion is paying off. Azure's revenue growth shows Microsoft is an innovation machine when it comes to the cloud.

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Schools are a Target of Hackers

More than 1,600 schools were targeted by ransomware in 2020 alone. This new emphasis on schools was highlighted in December when the FBI issued an alert warning that nearly 60% of ransomware incidents between August and September 2020 involved K-12 schools — a nearly 30% jump from the months prior.

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Your Remote-Working Apps Will Get an Upgrade This Year

While video-conferencing technology is expected to remain a mainstay of the remote-working landscape, Juniper Research predicts 2021 will bring technology that's capable of more accurately replicating the sort of social interaction that's been missing since we began working from home. Software companies have done clever things to try to bridge this gap and make virtual meetings feel a bit less impersonal. Microsoft's together mode for Teams, for example, and its AI gaze correction tech, are both attempts to add an element of 'there-ness' to video meetings.

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