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This Week in Tech - January 29th


Weekly Wrap Up


Hacker Pleads Guilty to Blackmailing Adafruit,

Bleacher Report, and Other Sites for Bitcoin

A Cypriot man pleaded guilty to hacking and blackmailing several US companies. Joshua Epifaniou admitted to computer fraud and paid $600,000 in restitution to his victims. He was extradited from Cyprus and will be sentenced on March 3rd. Now,  he has agreed to work as an undercover investigator for the US government.

Big Brother is Watching

Build a Healthier Meeting Culture

No one thinks it’s a good idea to sit through meetings all day, every day—but since the start of pandemic-era remote work, many people have been doing just that. A calendar packed with video meetings can feel like a form of limbo—a helpless state of chatter about what needs to get done but isn’t getting done ... because you’re too busy meeting.

Keep Em Short! 

GameStop Stock Rockets This Past Week

Though GameStop itself hasn't fundamentally changed much in the past month, its stock has shot up more than 9,700% -- that's not a typo. This dynamic has led Wall Street investors who bet against the company's future to lose billions of dollars, and the excitement is driving the hype even further.

Hard Not to Talk About GameStop

After SolarWinds: Untangling America’s cybersecurity mess

The SolarWinds hack exposed dozens—maybe hundreds—of U.S. companies to hackers' spying eyes. Here's what went wrong, and how business and government can fix it.

Untangling American's Cyber Security Mess







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