02 Feb

Top Tech Takeaways from CES 2020

CES is the biggest consumer electronics show in the world and it takes place every year in Las Vegas. The event always showcases the most interesting and innovative digital trends. This year we thought it would be interesting to share our top tech takeaways that you should know about, from health sensors and robot dogs, to foldable computers and prosthetic ligaments. While these may start as futuristic prototypes for the consumer, there is no doubt the technology and innovation will become core tenants of your business technology solutions in the future. Let’s take a look at what this year’s event brought to the technology industry.


Health Sensors

With many different health sensors already on the market, there still are features we have yet to gain access to such as deeper sleep insights that could detect sleep apnea, tracking calorie intake (the number of calories your body actually absorbs), stress levels based on your skin and more. With the needy to discover and track these potential health risks, sophisticated health sensors are only beginning to explode on the market. To start, featured at CES was the Withings ScanWatch, which now includes an electrocardiogram, photoplethysmography for optical heart rate, SpO2 for blood oxygen and deeper sleep analysis that can detect sleep apnea. Alongside the Withings ScanWatch, was the Goe3, which can automatically track the number of calories your body absorbs and can detect your stress level based on skin readings using similar technology to what's used in lie-detector tests. Combatting hypertension, the world's most widespread undiagnosed condition was Valencell's blood pressure-sensing earbuds.


Foldable Computers

2019 brought us foldable phones, and in 2020 foldable laptops are making their debut. AT CES Intel released their “Horseshoe Bend” reference design which was the inspiration behind the foldable computer. When it comes down to it, Horseshoe Bend is really a 17-inch tablet or an all-in-one computer (kickstand, attachable keyboard and mouse available) that folds in half to become a 12.5-inch laptop with a touchscreen on one half and a touch keyboard and touchpad on the other. Alternatively, there is a hardware keyboard that slides on the bottom touchscreen for those who prefer an actual keyboard vs a virtual one. Lenovo also showed off its Thinkpad X1 Fold and Dell showed off two foldable technologies, the Concept Ori and the Concept Duet.


Alienware Concept UFO

Alienware revealed a portable Nintendo-Switch look alike that plays PC games which includes 2 removable controllers on each side of an 8-inch display screen. The controllers can be attached together once removed to create a gamepad. And let’s not forget the kickstand which allows the UFO to become a portable monitor, and be plugged into a display for a more conventional console experience.


Tombot Jennie

This animatronic dog, Jennie, that was designed primarily as a soothing companion for seniors suffering from cognitive ailments, now has shown value for those suffering from PTSD, autism and other conditions. Jennie is a robotic lap dog that doesn't walk around like Sony's Aibo, but her dog-like fuzzy fur and expressive, comforting personality makes this tech-dog beyond lovable. The product of a partnership between robot start-up Tombot and the Jim Henson Company is available for preorder for $449, or join the waitlist for $349 on the Kickstarter page.


Brianco prosthetic hand

A tech product to definitely change the quality of life for paraplegics has arrived. BrainCo's AI-powered prosthetic hand works with an amputee's brain waves and muscle signals to understand the movement they want to make. With full range of motion customized to their own body, BrainCo has pushed the envelope with AI. So long to pre-programmed movements! It retails for between $10,000 to $15,000 which is significantly less than other robotic options on the market.


L’Oréal Perso

For the beauty lovers out there, L’Oréal, a known and trusted beauty giant in the industry has done it again. The first-of-its-kind makeup and skincare mixer allows you to create custom formulas of lipstick and skincare products . Just load Perso with cartridges that either contain lipstick colors or various skincare ingredients (moisturizer, vitamin C serums, SPF, foundation and more) and it produces endless combinations of the perfect tailored product.


Samsung Galaxy Chromebook

We can’t forget about the most eye-catching laptop, brought to us as a collaboration between Google and Samsung, the Galaxy Chromebook. A thin, red laptop that delivers great specs with a super sleek design. On the higher end for the Chromebook market, it’s listed at $999.

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